10 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Personal Brand


As an entrepreneur, establishing your personal brand can make your anxiety flare up! Maybe you know who your dream client is, maybe you don’t. You know you’re the best at what you do, but maybe you don’t know how to communicate it across your website and social media platforms. I can relate, girl! 

One of the best methods I’ve learned in discovering my personal brand is drawing inspiration. Creating mood boards, vision boards, saving it on my phone, putting visuals up in my workspace—helps to keep me inspired and to stay on brand. But where and how do you draw inspiration?

Here are 10 ways you can find inspiration for your brand:

1. Instagram. Think about the brands you follow, whether it’s clothing, beauty products, hair products, home decor. Why do you follow those brands and how can they align with your personal brand? Instagram has a Saved feature, where you can save IG posts to collections. I love referring to this when I’m prepping for a shoot or just need some inspo for my own brand! Also, searching hashtags that are specific to your niche can help get you inspired. Who are the influencers you follow and why do you follow them? Use their methods as inspiration for your own brand.

2. Pinterest. I think Pinterest is hugely underrated for small businesses! I have invested more time in Pinterest to drive traffic to my website, and it can be a great resource for you as well! Not only for traffic, but to draw inspiration. I love that Pinterest Business sends emails to share some of the trending pins that we as business ownership can incorporate in our content strategy. I notice a bump in monthly views when I use these trends! Create a mood board for your brand that you can refer to when you need inspiration. I also create private boards with my clients to see what inspires them for a shoot we’re working on.



3. The world around you. Seriously, take some time to absorb this. Think of nature, colors and textures that you’re drawn to. How about certain types of light (more bright and sunny or more soft and dim). What kind of facial expressions or body movements are you inspired by? What kind of images get you excited? Use these as inspo for your own brand!

4. Workshops, webinars, conferences, podcasts. When I’m feeling in a creative rut, one of the best investments with my money and or time is to attend workshops, webinars and conferences in my industry. Meeting new people, associating with like-minded entrepreneurs and learning new things gets me inspired every.single.time! I may hear one nugget that literally changes the face of my business, and it builds self-confidence when I invest in myself.

5. Youtube. What do you usually watch on YouTube? It’s actually my new tv! I catch up on highlights from my favorite shows, but mostly I watch photography tutorials and behind the scenes! I love to learn new photography tricks and it inspires me to go out with my camera and try them. Try searching for tutorials or videos from other entrepreneurs who inspire you and implement some of their tips and tricks in your businesses!


6. Your lifestyle. What do you like to eat, watch on tv, where do you shop, what are you favorite spots around town, what kind of music do you listen to? Use these as inspiration to establish your personal brand and share those with your audience! It will connect you with your audience and help inspire your brand messaging. For example, I love iced coffee. How can I incorporate that in my personal brand and share connect with my audience?

7. Your dream client. Have you created that dream client persona yet?! Narrow down those details from what she does for work to how she styles her hair! It will inspire you create content for her, to tailor your brand messaging to her, to inspire her. Which will in turn inspire you!

8. Your site/blog analytics. Use what’s already working and build off of that. What are people visiting the most in your website or blog? Use that inspo to establish your personal brand and communicate how you can solve their problem. Test different types of content to see what performs well. Then do more of that!

9. Friends, biz besties or a business coach. When my inspo tank is running low, sometimes it helps to just chat with someone. Join a mastermind group, visit Facebook groups, hop on the phone or do a video chat with someone who inspires you. Sometimes just bouncing around ideas can get you inspired to keep going! 

10. Past work. Go back to something you created when your inspiration was at an all time high. Looking at work you’re really proud of can get some of those creative juice flowing again!

Use these methods as inspiration only. You want to be careful not to copy someone else’s brand, or use the same messaging. You want to use some of their methods, but to truly stand out in your industry, it has to feel authentic to you.

What are some of the ways you draw inspiration for your brand? Share with us in the comments!

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