How to plan your brand photoshoot

Photo from brand shoot with  Marigold Makers

Photo from brand shoot with Marigold Makers

I had the absolute best time shooting with two small shops this past weekend! Seeing their vision come to life and feeling their excitement was so rewarding. So I wanted to share why brand shoots are important and how to make the process more fun and less stressful.

First, we should discuss what the heck a brand shoot is and why you should book one. 

A brand shoot is a scheduled photo shoot designed to create content that reflects your brand or business. This is beyond headshots, although those are important. You and the photographer collaborate on photos of your product or service for your website and social media. These photos connect your product with your brand. It’s also an opportunity to stand out from others in your niche. 

Professional photos for your website and social media can really strengthen your brand online. We’ll be chatting a lot about how to increase brand awareness with photography, but it’s important to understand the value of quality, consistent images to build trust and engagement with your customers.

So, let’s discuss how to plan a successful brand shoot! 

Know what you want to accomplish.


If you're a product-based business launching a new collection, a campaign shoot is perfect for showing off your latest designs. It creates excitement around your product and brand, gives you a deadline to launch a new product or service, target new customers and connect with brands that align with yours.

Who will attend the shoot?

Gabby of  @giftofgabbyg

Gabby of @giftofgabbyg

Determine if you want to shoot flatlays of your product or have someone model it, or both (highly recommend both, as your target customers want to see someone with your product and envision themselves wearing/using it). I love connecting bloggers and influencers with brands. Its a plus if you can hire a loyal customer who happens to have a good social media following! 

And of course you’ll want to hire a photographer. I’d recommend hiring someone who specializes in your industry. For example, if you have a product-based business, you’ll want to work with a photog who specializes in product photography. 

Maybe you’ll want to bring an assistant or friend to help keep the shoot on time, assist with setup and shoot behind the scenes as memories and promo. 

Finding a location


This may be obvious, but find a location that matches the theme of the shoot. If your brand is more calm and earthy, go with an outdoor location with lots of greenery. If it’s more fun and colorful, find a bright spot with lots of colorful walls. Or maybe you want a blank canvas where a lot of props are involved. It’s all up to you!

Consider the weather. If you’re shooting in natural light. The weather is so unpredictable in Florida. It could be sunny one minute and rainy the next. Then sunny again. It may best to check the weather a week to a few days before the date, and schedule an alternate date just in case. Especially during the summer months and rainy season. 

Don’t forget headshots! 


Yes, the top priority is getting photos of your product, but people want to see the person behind the brand. Trust me, I know how uncomfortable it is to pose in front of a camera (hence why I’m usually behind it!) but I’ve learned my most engaging posts on Instagram are photos of myself. Having a collection of photos on hand to post on your website and social media will create a stronger connection to your customers. 


Plan to be photo ready for your headshots at your brand shoot! It’s best to shoot those before the hustle and bustle, when your makeup is fresh and you’re excited to get started!

How to have a successful shoot day


Take time to communicate your vision for the shoot with everyone involved before the shoot. Schedule a brief planning meeting, either in person (ideal), video chat or phone to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Use a photoshoot guide to organize your thoughts, ideas, inspiration and more. This should include the theme of the shoot, props and a list of shots you want to get. Also, collect inspiration photos to give your model and photographer a clearer idea of what you want.

Am I missing anything? Share any questions or tips you have in the comments! 

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Christina Jones