5 Boss Women Who Inspire Me to Follow My Dreams


What did you want to be when you grew up? I started to find my passion for art in high school when I had my first assignment in English class to write a poem. I knew I wanted to use my creativity to make a living but I wasn’t quite sure what I really wanted to do...until just a couple years ago! You could say I’ve been a bit of a late bloomer in many things, but I believe there are a lot of women out there like me who are searching for their purpose. How they can impact the world around them with their passion.

I’ve done a lot of reflecting this past year, and it’s funny how my career has come full circle. Not in writing poems, but using my creative mind to impact the world around me. When I was growing up, I didn’t want to be a photographer. When people ask me how I started photography I tell them it literally found me! I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life until last year, to be honest. But I’m so glad I’ve found it, and I hope you’re finding that for yourself!

When I think about the women who have inspired me as a woman, mother, wife and business owner, I immediately think of the following five women. Of course, if I took more time I’d come up with an exhaustive list. But over time, seeing these women accomplish their dreams and goals fires me up to do the same! 

Joy Cho


If you don’t follow Oh Joy on Instagram, you totally should! I’m so inspired by the happiness she exudes through her work, her brand, how she lives her life and how she impacts others. It makes me want to do the same! She was a graphic designer, and started a blog which has become a gigantic brand, collaborating with other brands to create beautiful products that make me smile everytime I see them! I found her on Instagram while I was shopping for a crib for Olivia and she did a nursery makeover post with the brand I bought her crib from!

Kelli Murray


I started following Kelli Murray when I fell in love with her clothing brand, Rylee and Cru a couple years ago! The whimsy designs and silhouettes get me excited every time I see them. I had to invest in a few pieces for the kiddos. Kelli was also a graphic designer! I was honored to be featured in an article with her for ONA Bags on motherhood.

Becky Kimball


There are so many photographers that I admire, but I love Becky Kimball’s commercial work! She photographs family fashion, mostly kids, and she actually inspired me to pursue creating content for brands locally! I’m obsessed with her recent J. Crew shoot and hope to have those kind of opportunities in the future! Becky’s also a mom and I love how she shares photos of her own family along with her work.



Who doesn’t have Oprah on their fave list?! Oprah is the reason I wanted to be a news reporter. Seeing a black woman so influential and successful inspires me so much! I hope to meet her one day. That would be a dream come true! 

Jaclyn Johnson 


And last but certainly not least is Jaclyn Johnson, the founder of Create and Cultivate and Work Party. I discovered her and the Create and  Cultivate brand last year and I’m obsessed. I love to read the content, and the branding makes me happy! I blogged about my experience meeting Jaclyn for the first time and when I ran into her again at the conference she actually remembered me! I would love to be a photographer for their events one day!

What women inspire you to pursue your dreams? Share with me in the comments!