Brand Shoot with Rebecca at LS Organics


I must say, some of my favorite shoots as of late have been when the weather wasn’t ideal…ie. RAIN! I love when my clients choose to shoot anyway despite the weather forecast. It makes me want to do an even better job with the shoot!

I shot some brand photos with Rebecca, and we were set to shoot in downtown Tampa. Since the weather wasn’t looking too good, we decided to find an indoor space. I don’t shoot indoors often, so finding a spot on the fly wasn’t the easiest feat! I decided to search Instagram for one of the local businesses that I follow who may have the perfect space, and remembered LS Organics! I remembered the beautiful white walls and beautiful, boho decor. So, I messaged the owner Jacqueline, she said “absolutely” and the rest is history! I’m so obsessed with how the images came out. You wouldn’t even know it was (lightly) raining outside!

Rebecca had another outfit to change into, and I mentioned to her before the shoot to maybe bring a cute umbrella and we would make some fun of the weather! She brought the cutest gingham print umbrella and we shot some photos outside in the rain as well. So fun!