Goal Setting Tips for Creatives


What are some of your goals as a creative entrepreneur? It’s the start of a new month and the last few months of the year! As creatives, we can often get lost in the process of creating that we forget to set real, actionable goals for ourselves. I’m just as guilty of this!

One thing I've learned about goal setting is that you need both long term and short term goals. It gives you the opportunity to have something to look forward to and work toward. Short term goals can be what you want to accomplish in the next month or so. Long term goals are what you want to do in the next five years.

So, here are some simple steps for setting and crushing your goals: 

Step 1: Write it down. Or type it. Just have your goals written somewhere! It’s amazing what your mind and body start creating when you can physically see your goals in front of you. I’d also recommend saving pictures of your goals and looking at them daily. 

Be specific. Instead of: I want new clients next month, think of how many new clients you want next month. Then, think of how many clients you want next year!

Step 2: Take action. Having and writing down goals are great, but when you start working toward them, they start to feel more and more in your reach.

Set benchmarks for yourself, to keep you on track. Create a daily action plan for how you’ll tackle those goals and check it off the list each day!

Step 3: When you reach a goal, set a newer, bigger one. There’s no better feeling than accomplishing a goal. I love thinking about and setting new goals for myself. It motivates me to make my time more productive. I encourage you to block off time in your calendar for goal setting ASAP. If you’re feeling stagnant in your business, setting a new goal can give you the boost you need!


What are your tips for goal setting? Share with us in the comments! 

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