10 Location Ideas for Your Personal Brand Shoot


One of the first questions I ask a client when they’re ready to book a personal brand shoot is, “do you have a location in mind?” The answer is a mixture of “not really” and “whatever you have in mind”. When it comes to your personal brand, it’s important to have an idea of what kind of visuals you want to create. As the photographer, I can suggest locations, but it’s ultimately your vision and your brand!

Think of the location you choose as the backdrop for your storytelling. It’s where you can draw inspiration, and connect with your dream clients when shared on your website and social media.

To give you a little more clarity when prepping for your brand shoot, here are some location ideas to get you started!

  1. Home office

Your home is your haven, right? As a small business owner, most of us work out of our home office, typing away on our laptops, planning our goals and juggling our personal lives. If your home office is well-lit and well-decorated, it’s a great backdrop for your personal brand shoot! Share your story with your clients in your natural element.


2. Co-working space

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to work out of a co-working space! With no laundry or dishes to distract me, it’s the perfect spot to get out of the house and into an office environment. It’s also a great way to meet other entrepreneurs and network. If there’s a co-working space that really represents your personal brand or maybe you’re already a member, see if you can shoot there for your brand shoot!


3. Park or garden

What I love most about shooting in a park is the versatility. You almost have a blank canvas to build your own setup for your brand shoot. I especially love to shoot with makers and artists in nature as it creates a calm atmosphere for creativity. It’s also a beautiful backdrop for headshots!


4. Coffee shop

This is another common spot for entrepreneurs to work. Sometimes I like the hustle and bustle of coffee shops, of course the smell of coffee and the opportunities to make new friends. My local Starbucks knows my order at this point! Plan your brand shoot around your favorite coffee shop to grab some photos of you working at your laptop and sipping coffee!


5. Hotel

Does your personal brand revolve around travel and lifestyle? Shooting at a hotel allows you to create fun images that tell the story of your favorite accommodations, how you plan for a trip and maybe even how your product or service works for travelers!


6. Beach

Just like the park, shooting at the beach really gives you a blank canvas to work with. It can really work with any brand, both product-based or service-based. If you want your personal brand to have a nautical, laid back feel, shooting at the beach may be the perfect location for you!


7. AirBnB

Shooting in homes has become one of my favorite locations for personal brand shoots! Not only does it shield my clients and I from the hot Florida sun, but there are some beautiful AirBnBs with a ton of natural light and beautiful decor! If your home isn’t photoshoot friendly, an AirBnB can be the perfect alternative for a more relaxed environment. It’s also a great location to shoot lifestyle content for your product!


8. Clubhouse

If you want to shoot in a location that is a step up from your home office, a clubhouse is a nice option! If you have a clubhouse in your neighborhood or know of one nearby, they are usually equipped with a kitchen, couches, tables, a gym and even a pool area. You can create some fun seasonal content if the weather permits, and get both indoor and outdoor shots!


9. Event space

If you’re an event or wedding planner, shooting at an event space may be an obvious option, but it’s a good one! Show the process of how you scout venues, coordinate the details and create a beautiful event for your clients!


10. Home

Similar to your home office, use your home as a backdrop for your personal brand shoot. There’s nothing more comfortable than being in your own home, and may take some of the nerves of being in front of a camera away! Maybe you want to share your life as a mom, or pet owner or to create flatlays of your favorite products. You can share the story of your daily routine with your dream clients and start a conversation.


What are some of your favorite locations for a personal brand shoot? Share them with us in the comments!

If you’re considering booking your personal branding shoot, fill out my branding questionnaire to get started and drop me a line to book!