Productivity Hacks for Creatives: Networking and Collaboration


I’m so excited to partner with Gina Moccio of Babe Crafted on this installment of the Productivity Series for Creatives! You can catch up on the other posts on content creation and time management.

I’ve been a Babe Crafted member for a few months now, and every time I get around Gina or the other members at events, I always leave inspired to grow my business! I love how we are empowered as female entrepreneurs to connect and encourage each other, and make an impact through our work. It resonates with me so much, as it’s also a part of my mission!

Gina gave me the opportunity to photograph a couple of events recently, and my favorite one was the Galentine’s event at The Hall on Franklin! I just loved hearing from the speakers (so many takeaways, and I shared some on Instagram) and capturing smiles, laughs and the camaraderie among women in a positive atmosphere. It lights my fire everytime! So, I asked Gina some questions on how we as female entrepreneurs can be productive with our networking efforts and collaborating with others.

Why do you think it's important to collaborate/network with others?

When I meet someone who is passionate like me, I am so excited to stay in touch and find ways to collaborate so we can move forward & conquer the world together. Having a business is exciting, but it’s also very challenging. I’ve had really exciting days, like the day of our first anniversary party and all the days that we have gained a new & amazing member, but I’ve also had days where I struggled. Having close business friends I could share my news with or seek feedback from, has made all the difference in my journey. I also really enjoy being that voice for others— even the most confident person sometimes needs someone from the outside to say ‘hey, I see you and you’re doing a great job.” It’s impossible to build anything of value without people who believe in you. ‘It takes a village’ is a cliche for a reason!


What does #communityovercompetition mean to you?

I think ‘community over competition’ is important no matter what industry you’re in or where you live. To me, it means sharing confidence and being generous with your time & energy for the common good— which is being a part of others’ success. Be part of the rising tide, babe.

How can we as female entrepreneurs be productive with networking?

Cutting past questions like ‘where are you from’ and heading straight to questions like ‘what are you currently working on’ and ‘what’s a goal you have for your business this year’ can tell you a lot about a person’s motivations & who they are. I think the key to building great relationships & creating a stellar network is being present in the moment when you’re meeting someone new. Make it a point to follow her on Instagram or send a quick email, so you can keep the conversation going & find a way to collaborate. Staying in touch with the people whose journeys you want to remain a part of, takes time and work, but is extremely worthwhile.

I think it’s also important to not spread yourself too thin. It’s not possible to attend every networking event or comment on every post in the Facebook groups you’re a part of, so do the best you can with staying connected to the local and digital communities you’re a part of, and offer genuine support where you can. Also, don’t be shy about sharing what you have going on as well—whether it’s in a conversation you’re having in person or online. I think there’s a balance to strike between supporting others & having them support you, too!


What are some of your favorite ways to collaborate/network?

I’m a member of several Facebook groups, including The Rising Tide Society, The Creative Lady Collective, and Bucketlist Bombshells. I also make a lot of friends on Instagram (women in other places whose business I admire) and I attend events in Tampa and St. Pete when those events are focused on women, giving back, or food & drink. ‘Cause food is a pretty excellent way to meet people & bond over something you both love… like donuts.

Who/what inspires you to do what you do?

I’m truly inspired by stories. Stories about goals, challenges, & dreams. I could nerd out all day about what your goals are and come up with all these wonderful ways for you to smash said goals. I love seeing others follow their passion— and if there’s anyway I can help others do that, then I’m in.


Fun fact about you!

I was named ‘Best Dressed’ in high school! I was really involved in sports & clubs, but I was best known for my blue tights and knee-high moccasin boots.

Love it, thank you Gina! Do you have questions for Gina on networking and collaborating? Ask in the comments below! 

Also, if you’re interested in joining an amazing group of girl bosses,  check out the Babe Crafted website and on Facebook and Instagram!